Tips for the Perfect Antipasti

Antipasti for all this Christmas! If you’re looking for something easy but impressive to put out for your guests to enjoy, look no further...antipasti is the answer!

The key to a good antipasti is all about quality ingredients and varied elements, you must take pride!!! Antipasti is giving you time out of the kitchen so make sure the items you buy are absolutely scrumptious and give your guests an experience. Cured meats, different cheeses, vegetables, and dips should all all make it onto your list. I served mine with a homemade chilli oil for some extra punch!

Take the salami’s I’ve used; I used three different types to really get the taste buds going and my guest interested. I chose pork & fennel, pork & porcini mushroom, and venison & juniper. Perinelli Salami make a whole range of different flavours and I highly recommend them for an exciting addition to your antipasti board.

I couldn’t resist a trip to Wholefoods for a range of olives, stuffed peppers, chilli, artichoke and dips. You can really rely on them for good quality, flavoursome and fresh ingredients. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go to a farmers market but they are perfect for finding similar treats, find your nearest one in the link below.

I also found these amazing rosemary crackers from Seggiano which you must try, they are dreamy!

Presentation is everything so make sure to get your best dishes out, it is Christmas after all!