Champagne & Fruit Nectar Pops

Champagne pops are one of the truly indulgent things that you must make this summer! What's not to like?! You can easily substitute the champagne for a prosecco or cava to keep it a little more affordable, but what you mustn't save on is the glorious Alain Milliat fruit nectar available at Bayley & Sage. It's specially imported from France and one of the freshest juices you can get your hands on. Not only does the nectar add beautiful, natural colour to the pops but they also help to balance the dryness of the champagne. I used the apricot and strawberry flavours to go with the magnificent fresh variety displayed outside the store. These popsicles are all about indulgent beauty so I picked up a range of fruits including strawberries, apricots, pomegranate, cherries and figs, to layer into the mix. The strawberries are Driscoll's Jubilee selection, and they are truly the queen of the crop with a wonderfully natural sweet flavour. The fresh fruit looks quite spectacular when frozen into the bubbly pop!

Makes about 12 pops, depending on the size of your moulds


1 bottle of fizz

1 bottle of apricot fruit nectar

1 bottle of strawberry fruit nectar

A range of fruit including strawberries and apricots, sliced


Line up the ice lolly moulds and layer a mixture of fruit into each.

Pour in half fizz and half fruit nectar to each mould. Cover the tops with foil and make a small hole to poke the lolly stick through. Carefully move the moulds to the freezer to chill. Serve once frozen solid.

All the ingredients that I used today are from Bayley & Sage on a collaboration for summer recipes for you to enjoy with your family and friends.