Spring Green Wraps with Tuna & Veggies

Spring Green Wrap

If you haven't already tried spring green wraps you're going to love them! They are a fantastic alternative to traditional wraps or even sandwiches, much lighter and a clever way to pack in even more vegetables! Spring greens have lovely big leaves which make them perfect for wrapping all your favourite fillings in, I used tuna as an example but you can literally put anything in these things (I'm thinking fajita's next time)! The only prep they need is a quick slice of the tough stem and a wave over the kettle steam to make them more pliable, it's really that easy. This is a great substitute for bread if you are trying a low carbohydrate diet.

Makes 1 wrap


1 large spring green leaf or 2 smaller ones, as pictured

1 tin of tuna, drained

3 tbsp natural yogurt, or mayo if you prefer

1 spring onion, roughly chopped

Chopped vegetables, I used cabbage, pepper and cucumber

Salt & pepper


Start by mixing together the tuna, spring onion and natural yogurt. Season and stir until completely combined.

Now take the spring green leaf and slice off any thicker parts of the stem, careful not to slice into the leaf. Now boil the kettle and (being extremely careful) hold the leaf over the steam for 10-20 seconds, you'll notice it wilt slightly and go lush green colour.

Lay the leaf on the kitchen surface and spoon over the tuna, then the vegetables. Tuck in the ends and roll the leaf to create your wrap, the same way you would a burrito. Cover in foil to secure if you are not planning to eat straight away. Enjoy!