Creamy Avocado Dip

Avocado dip (or sauce) is something that I use so often as an accompaniment that I had to dedicate a post to my recipe. This will save me writing it up every week on different dishes! It's so quick to make, roughly five minutes, and it makes a wonderful side to a range of meals. I love using this dip on salads, wraps and spicy meat dishes to give a cooling affect. It's extremely versatile and lasts a couple of days in a sealed container, so why not give it a go this week?!

Make 1 jar


1 large avocado

Juice of half a lime

Small bunch of coriander

150g natural yogurt


Roughly chop the coriander and avocado. Blitz until smooth is a food processor. Add the yogurt and lime, process until all ingredients are combined. Taste for seasoning.

Store in a jar or another airtight container.