Creamy Spinach & Pesto Linguini

Here is a lovely twist on the classic pesto pasta, I've stirred in baby spinach and cream cheese to create a vegetable rich version of the dish, but of course keeping it very Italian by using mascarpone cream cheese and toasted pine nuts to add that extra crunch. This is a super quick recipe making it ideal for a weeknight supper.

Pesto is such a staple in my home, it's possibilities are endless; it can teamed with fish and meats, as well as a sauce for Mediterranean inspired sandwiches. If you make one thing this week, make pesto!

Serves 2


200g linguini, I used Sainsbury's

100g pesto, click for my homemade recipe

100g mascarpone cheese

75g baby spinach, torn

20g pine nuts, toasted

Parmesan, optional


In a large sauce pan boil the water for the pasta on the hob, salt the water generously. Cook the linguini to the instructions on the packet.

While the linguini is cooking toast the pine nuts and tear the spinach.

Once ready, drain the pasta and stir in the pesto. Return the pan to a low heat on the hob and stir in the spinach, keep the pasta and spinach constantly moving so that it doesn't stick. Once the spinach has wilted stir in the mascarpone until melted.

Serve immediately sprinkled with toasted pine nuts and extra parmesan if you can't resist!