Braised Red Cabbage

I've got a lot of love for this vegetable and this recipe is guaranteed to please everyone, even cabbage skeptics! I've spiced the vegetable with cinnamon, cloves and a little nutmeg, providing a warmth which all need at this time of year. The brambly apple and vinegar add the sharpness that is needed to balance out the sweetness from the muscavado sugar, I've also added blueberries to mine. This is a favourite accompaniment of mine, it's perfect with lamb or Swedish meatballs as I have done in the picture.

Makes 1 large bowl


1 red cabbage, cut into thin strips

1 bramley apple, peeled, cored and chopped

1 red onion, thinly chopped

60g blueberries

2 tbsp cranberry sauce

2 tbsp muscavado sugar

100ml red wine vinegar

1 cinnamon stick

4 cloves

A large knob of butter

Salt and pepper


Start by melting a large knob of butter in the pan, add the onion and cook until soft.

Now add the cabbage and cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the apple, blueberries, cranberry sauce, muscavado sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, cloves and season well. Pour about 150ml water in the pan and stir well. Cover the pan and cook for around 45 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure nothing sticks. If the pan is drying out add a splash more water.

Cook for a further 20 minutes. Serve immediately with a knob of butter or store for later use.