Classic Pesto

Pesto is a wonderfully fragrant sauce, classically meant for pasta. However these days it is such a staple which you can add to sandwiches, meat and fish dishes. With that in mind it is absolutely necessary to be able to make your own. This recipe follows traditional ingredients and preparation for the most part, with a modern whiz in the food processor to save your arms!


3 cloves of garlic peeled

100g fresh basil

3 heaped tbsp pine nuts

100g good quality strong parmesan

2 tbsp pecorino cheese

10 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Knob of softened butter

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp black pepper

Squeeze of lemon juice


Start by placing the garlic, pine nuts and salt in the mortar. Using the pestle grind the ingredients together into a paste.

Give your basil a quick whiz in the food processor. Add in the paste, olive oil, and squeeze of lemon and process until fully combined.

Transfer your mixture into a bowl and stir in the pepper and cheese.

Once the ingredients are combined, mix in the butter.

I like to leave mine for at least an hour to infuse but you can eat immediately.

Serve with pasta or refrigerate for later use.