As a professional moaner in life, people have often asked me…’Claudia, what do you like?’. Haha, not very funny and not very original. But for those of you that want to know, there is a very simple answer to that question: “FOOD!”. And that’s all I can really say about that. 


I would like to think of myself as healthy, and I suppose in many ways I am, or try to be. But I am also not, and I have no intention of pretending I’m some sort of detox queen. I guess like many people, I am a walking contradiction and I want to write about it because that is the big, thin, healthy, unhealthy TRUTH about eating for most people. 


A few facts about your hostess: I am 29 as I write this so that’s the age I shall remain (forever), I am vegetarian 3 times a week, I am partial to the occasional McDonald’s, I have 4 sisters (which is painful sometimes), I try to do body pump and spinning twice a week (not always successfully), I love wine but I'm not a wine snob, I cycle everywhere I possibly can, sometimes I can't be bothered to cook, I really do love vegetables and I don’t like dancing. 


Probably the most shocking of those ‘truths’ to most people will be…YOU DON’T LIKE DANCING??!!! I don’t like it. I feel and look uncomfortable as I shuffle around, sadly having inherited my Dad’s dancing shoes, or two left feet as the case may be. 


But anyway, my ‘about me’ is complete; full of actual, non fluffy truths about ME and not a lot about cooking. You’ll have to subscribe for that! 

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